About Hacksaw Publishing, Inc.

Hacksaw Publishing, Inc. is a world leader in the snow and avalanche industry with its products: Professional Snow Data Field Book and the Backcountry Field Card. Both products are used by snow-avalanche safety professionals and backcountry guides. Hacksaw Publishing also carries the Ortovox CHECKANDRIDE and the American Avalanche Association's SWAG book. Serious backcountry skiers/boarders and avalanche professionals will find these products critical tools to enhance your knowledge and decision making.

Hacksaw Publishing, Inc. was founded by Halsted Morris in 1997. Halsted got his start in the avalanche business with the Loveland Ski Patrol. "Hacksaw" was Halsted's ski patrol nickname. While with the ski patrol, he became a volunteer field observer for the Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC).

While with the Avalanche Center he started to think about developing a small field book for the recording snowpit information and having avalanche rescue procedures handy. The result was the Backcountry Skier's Field Book. In 2008 Hacksaw upgraded the book to the Professional Snow Data Field Book to meet the observational standards defined in the American Avalanche Association's SWAG book.

Halsted's volunteer efforts turned into a professional job with the CAIC from 1999 thru 2006 as their Education Outreach Director. Currently teaches private avalanche safety courses and operates Hacksaw Publishing. He is also the Awards Committee chairman for the American Avalanche Association. Halsted has climbed and backcountry skied throughout the western US, Austria, New Zealand and Canada; including Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic.