Supplier for people interested in snow and avalanches.


Professional Snow Data Field Book - record snowpit data other field observations for your favorite spots or work areas. Regular snowpit data and field observations can be used to document a backcountry operation's daily observations as part of their snow safety plan. Serious backcountry users would also find it useful to track and record their own field observations

Backcountry Field Card - a simple multi-functional tool, it is a snowpit crystal grid card, slope angle inclinometer and has a small group avalanche rescue flow-charted on one side. Everyone from seasoned professional to backcountry novice will find useful. This sub-zero tested plastic card won't crack or break. Avalanche safety educators will also fine The Backcountry Field Card to be a great addition to your field courses.

Ortovox CHECKANDRIDE - a field decision-making aid that you can quickly put the local avalanche center's forecast information into for quick and handy reference.

Snow, Weather, and Avalanches: Observational Guidelines for Avalanche Programs in the United States aka the “SWAG book” - the American Avalanche Association’s reference book of how to conduct snow and avalanche field observations. This book should be a part of every serious snow nerd’s library.

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